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African Horse Sickness
Author: AHS Trust    Date Published: 09 November 2017

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Run by Racing South Africa, the Equine Research Centre & Onderstepoort Veterinary Products.  The AHS Trust (Reg. No. IT 2043/2005/PMB) has been formed representing the industry stakeholders, and is currently gathering important research data from all suspected cases reported.

This data will be used for critical research required to develop new vaccines and methods of diagnosis and treatment.

AHS – The Equine Challenge

Our mission is to provide an accurate early warning system for AHS and other viral outbreaks in Southern Africa.


On this page, we keep track of outbreaks across South Africa (and our neighbours) on the AHS Map, and on our database.

All the information comes to us through our group, AHS African Horse Sickness – the equine challenge,

If you visit the group, you will find horse lovers and professionals willing to share information, research, prayers, stories, photographs, alternative, herbal, homeopathic and pharmaceutical remedies, healing methodologies and links to help in the fight against AHS and other insect- borne and infectious equine diseases and conditions.



Admins of the AHS – Equine Challenge group are in the process of contacting the owners of every AHS case that we have been made aware of this season. We will be working on collecting and verifying data. Please can we ask horse owners to share the following link with owners of horses that may have had AHS this season, and that we may not be aware of. The form is simple – and only take 5mins to fill out.

Feedback from our research will be shared on The AHS Equine Challenge forums. Your help would be most appreciated!

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